Beetroot Chutney

Giving a bright intense ruby hue, this Beetroot Chutney both looks and tastes great. I like to open them about six months after they’ve been made, so the ingredients are out of season and the chutney has had time to set, which makes the flavours both softer and richer.

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Rhubarb, Cardamom & Black Locust jam

This jam is especially floral with a zing to it that raises the flavours to an unexpected yumminess! I finished the “taster” jar within the week.

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Green Tomato Jam

Here’s the recipe of the Green Tomato Jam I cooked for Berlin Food Week! Easy to make and delicious, it won best entry for the “sweet” category. This recipe gives a kick to any buttered toast but is also a treat on all cheeses, from fresh soft ricotta as a dessert or a stronger goat’s cheese.


Pear and Apricot Chutney

Chutney doesn’t last long in my house because I eat it with almost anything – even since I’ve stopped eating meat, I have it with vegetables, rice dishes, couscous Tajine dishes, homemade fries and use it as relish on sandwiches.


Pear & Riesling Jelly

This jelly ‘s simplicity and the booze factor make it a special gift. The slight yellow crystal colour is really a jewel on toast or a scone for a more adult tea-time treat! Mastering agar-agar can be tricky. Add too much and you have a jell-o on your hands, put too little and the jelly is more of a syrup.


Onion & Cardamom Confit

1 kg onions – peeled and sliced 2 apples – cored, peeled and diced dash of olive-oil small glass apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp mustard seeds 6 green cardamom pods – remove pods & lightly crush seeds 1 thumb ginger, finely chopped 1 cm Turmeric, grated 400g sugar   Heat a thick-bottomed pan on low […]



I would like to talk about how I forage and where I forage my ingredients, as well as showcase a gallery of goodies and recipe links here! Please bear with me, this section is coming up soon. In the meantime, you can check out my Instagram feed to see what I’ve been up to. Thank […]


Roasted Mirabelle Magma

1kg red Mirabelle plums (or other), halved and pitted 1/2 red habanero with seeds (or dried chilli powder, sprinkle generously on top) tsp finely chopped Rosemary 1 rosemary sprig Sugar (40% weight) Lemon juice Lemon zest Place plums flesh side up in a baking tray or glass over dish. Coat them in the sugar, squeeze lemon […]


Rosemary Rhubarb Fire

Rhubarb chopped (cut into 1cm slices, preferably at an angle) Thinly sliced Birds eye chillies finely chopped Rosemary 40% of the weight of rhubarbs in sugar Squeeze of lemon (Lemon zest & ginger optional) Toss ingredients heavily in the sugar and roast in the oven on a low heat (100-120°C) for 20-30 minutes, or longer. You […]


Cherry, Elderflower & Rose Geranium Jam

1kg cherries 500g Sugar 1/2 Lemon juice 2/3 cup of 1:3 pectin sugar 1tsp Agar-agar 2 cups Elderflower water (1cup elderflowers, 2 cups water, 1/2 lemon juice, 3 leaves Rose Geranium) Make Elderflower water: 1 cup of elderflowers, 3 rose geranium leaves, pour 2 cups of hot water and a squeeze of lemon juice on top. Cover […]

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Quince & Miso glazed meatballs

I don’t eat meat very often, and I’m VERY excited about making a vegetarian version of these soft, delicious, moist meatballs very soon. Sometimes though, I need the fatty pork and beefness on my plate, and surely the imminent arrival of winter is one of those times. I’ve made many versions of these, as the glaze is […]


Lilac & Pear Jelly

Cooking with flowers is so satisfying, the aromas transport you back to spring, and the short season of Lilacs mean that you can enjoy this jam pretty much immediately.

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